Pissed Zonz

An unhappy cave zonz.

Zonz are a large race of long eared monsters. Zonz are known for a few other key traits, the main trait being a gemstone like structure typically adorning their forehead. These gems are a second entity that resides in a zonz, giving the zonz some psychic powers.

Zonz come in all shapes and sizes, and all colors of the rainbow, but the average zonz is rather short, around three feet, and appearing quite chubby. Zonz can reach sizes of around five feet.


There are a great number of zonz species!

Cave ZonzEdit

Cave zonz are the most common form of zonz. As their name suggests, they live in caves. They are quite lazy, sleeping most of the day away. The ones who don't sleep as much tend to have better psychic powers.

Kaluba ZonzEdit

These zonz come from the Kaluba Plains. They are brown fleshed and rather hairy. They do not have psychic powers whatsoever.


  • Zonz love candy. Even the mean ones.
  • Coffee tends to make zonz sleepy.