Zado info
Zado, the Shadow




Identifies as male, no true gender.



Zado is a shadow being who has, though his usefullness, become a high ranking member in the Cult of Filth.

Normally appearing as a completely black figure with a smiling, bespectacled face, wrapped in a relatively plain robe, Zado might not be too intimidating at first. He is quite capable of shaping himself to almost whatever he wishes, growing and shrinking in size, even vanishing into a shadow should it be dark enough. He is able to transport himself to certain other dimensions provided he can link two places of complete darkness.

Zado has a strong weakness to bright light. he can ward this off by attaching himself to some clothing article, thus his robe and glasses. If not for these, he would be seemingly blasted into nothingness (though in truth, he simply returns to where he was made) with most any beam of light.

Zado's SubsectEdit

Zado has his own small, unknown sect within the cult, where he operates slightly out of the rules of Bell'cha's Sect. His sect is known to take prisoners and sacrifice them to Zado himself, in a ritual known as the Ritual of Excommunication.

Ritual of ExcommunicationEdit

(Taken from the description of This submission)

Zado (the dark fellow) is preparing for a ritual he came up with (don't worry, it's a totally sanctioned ritual... really, it is! Just uh... gotta keep quiet about it) known as the Ritual of Excommunication. What is this ritual you ask~?
Well, sometimes, the cult, especially zado's... "sect" acquires a number of prisoners, sometimes too many! Zado deals with this by having a contest: A game of tug of war between him and all the fugitives. They are shackled to a long chain, which is both attached to a large stone dildo, and a massive Entered, who acts as a Warden (the chain is attached to a row of cock-peircings).
The stone dildo is stuffed into his gigantic black rump, and the game begins! Now, it should be noted: zado has never lost at this. It's not even hard for him, even with a row of 50 prisoners pulling against him. It's pleasurable for him to draw the act out though, so he takes his time.
His ass eats and eats until nobody is left, and his ass is full of his Warden's cock, at which he clamps the chain off, and that's that, no more prisoners!