Yomi face

Yomi is an effeminate slut, known for just how depraved and disgusting the things he's willing to do are.

Yomi is extremely promiscuous, having sex with a few random people daily, his favorite places to do as such being very public locations, such as bathrooms or alleys.

Yomi can typically be seen in a skirt and steep platform shoes that match his hair's burgandy coloration. To go with this, he often wears various shirts with large printed, short phrases, often being very lewd. Yomi doesn't restrict himself to this though, he can be seen wearing all kinds of things, mostly odd, sometimes garish things.

Quite often, yomi will go into a kind of heat. During this, he becomes extremely slutty, trying to get groups of people to have orgies all focused around him. His cock and his sack grow quite large, his balls hanging to his feet and cock as long as a bat.

Yomi is very familiar with cum, often able to tell who's cum belongs to who if they know the person. This sometimes comes up in situations where yomi's belly or bowels just can't contain any of the huge volumes of jizz gushed into him during any of his excapades, though sometimes it happens much after.


  • Yomi's colors are very reminiscent of neopolitan ice cream.