Yabo color

Yabo is a clown. That is to say, his profession is not only a clown, but genetically, he is a clown. He is quite tall, almost reaching 7 feet, and of a chubby build, having a plump midsection. His flesh is white in most areas, but has a red nose, red facial patterns, red nails, and poofy pink hair. His eyes are green. Personalitywise, Yabo might seem tough to get along with if you aren't likeminded to him. He enjoys goofing off, but he also enjoys having a good time. He has no reservations when it comes to telling someone he'd like to fuck them. In fact, this generally happens any time he meets someone who wants his autograph after a show. Yabo's been an entertainer all of his life. Even as a young clown, he relished in the attentions of others, performing silly, and often disgusting acts for the amusement of his peers. This got him in trouble quite often, but he was never reprimanded by his parents for it, instead, often praised by his father. This raised him to be the entertainer he is today. Yabo's acts consist of doing all kinds of strange things with his body. He's known to keep his props hidden somewhere deep in his fat butt, and to dissapear things into his rump just as fast as he appearifies things.