Voni Portrait
Voni is an Object based on a shoe. As such, he has a few properties of a shoe. Voni loves long walks, jogging, hiking, and most, above all else, loves feet!

Voni has a very stylish look, and makes him easy to pick out from a crowd. He is bright, lime green with black and white patterns. His body feels squishy and rubbery in most places.

Personalitywise, Voni is very friendly. He enjoys getting people active, and is quite encouraging. He's known to flirt, or at least act flirty, with many people. While most of the time, it's ironic, he does genuinely flirt with a few people.

Voni's love of feet goes very deep. He himself rarely wears shoes (not sure if this is ironic or not considering he is a shoe) because he just loves the site of his feet so much. The most he will wear is flipflops (he even likes the sound the make as he walks). His feet are very soft and smooth, yet amazingly resilient, allowing him to do things like walk through a forest or hot beach without any problem.

Oddly, Voni, while living in Obijetta, was not created by Zigz. It's not clear who exactly made him.


  • Voni is based on Inov 8s
  • I made Voni from a suggestion from my friend Rayce, thank you Rayce!