Vanamore Knight

Vanamore Knights are living armor cretures created for equal parts protection and enjoyment. They appear as large suits of black armor with exagerated hips and oversized codpeices. They also have a large array of colorful plumes. They also carry with them large, hefty, blunt tipped fatlances, which they can use as their cock should they wish by inserting the handle into a hole in their codpeice. Alternatively, they can flip their codpeice down to expose a lengthy, dripping, shiny black cock.

Should a part of a Vanamore Knight be removed, it will still function properly. The inside of the armor peice will appear dark and opaque, and unable to be seen through.

Vanamore knights are able to use some magic, nothing too impressive. It should be noted they use magic to make their swords vibrate whenever they wish.


  • The name Vanamore is derived from the words "vain" and "amore"