Tronky, the Tronky! The first tronky to be precise!

Tronkies are a race of short, long nosed individuals. Their name is derived from the trunk they have, but other features involve pudgy builds, short, stubby legs, and big, round ears that hang behind their back.


The characteristics of a tronky are different between different subspecies.

Coldland TronkyEdit

These tronkies come from cold environments. Their flesh is white with patterns ranging from blue to green. They store fat in their legs, which helps them stay warm when walking around in the snow

Kaluba TronkyEdit

Kaluba tronkies come from the Kaluba Plains. Their skin is tan and hairy. Their trunks are some of the largest trunks a Tronky can have, often being as tall as the tronky themselves. Typically less intelligent than other species of tronky, they live in small tribes where everyone has a job.

Bumba TronkyEdit

A species of tronky created by Snozzy, of which he himself was at one point. They are yellow tronkies with black patterns. They are known for an extra organ appearing where their tail would be known as a bumbler. They secret a honeylike substance from these organs