Tootsie, the Pink Foobush

Tootsie is a pink, female Foobush.

Tootsie is well known and loved by most any foobush who knows about her, making her a celebrity pretty much, though the reason for her fame is quite biological. Tootsie's feet emite a super powerful stench that other foobushes seem to be in love with, it's so powerful that it even hypnotizes them and gets them addicted to it.

With her brainwashed fans in tow, she often has them do many things for her, she even sometimes uses them for food, convincing them to let her eat them for a few minutes of alone time with those giant, stinky feet.

After she eats someone, she soon after often takes a dump so big it rips her lime green pucker a bit, and comes out like a chunky pink snake. Oddly, and she can't explain it, after eating someone and shitting out a titanic pile, she always farts out a bow on top of it.