Sliss face
Sliss is one of Pix's many spawn, and one of the most capable. He is a King bug, which means he has some psychic powers, like his mother. Unlike his name would suggest, he is not royalty, nor is he treated very well by Pix. Due to his abilities, the queen is extra hard on him, and expects much more out of him than his kin.

As a king bug, Sliss has limited psychic abilities. His abilities physically offensive, such as creating and tossing large polygons and causing them to explode. Doing this too often taxes Sliss considerably. Sliss lacks the finess for finer psychic abilities

Pix treats Sliss as a worker, often making him work to serve his brothers. This annoys him at times, yet he still doesn't harbor much ill will towards most of his brothers. He is, however, jealous of the affection Pix shows to his brother Catabeat, dispite seeing Catabeat as a dear friend.