File:Shoko Fish H.png

Shoko Fish are a race of large, slick, black flshed creatures of unknown origin (It is suspected they are extraplanar demons). The word Shoko translates to "dark" or "shadow", while the fish part of thier name simply refers to their facial structure. While Shoko Fish are indeed comfortable under water for indefinite amounts of time, they do not stay in water long, and in fact are not good swimmers.

Shoko fish are found in cavernous lakes and grottos, particularly in low light areas. They have trouble seeing in particularly bright areas, as well as a particular aversion to the sensation of bright light, and will avoid such places if possible.

Shoko fish are known for their quite noticeably large genitals. Shoko fish engage in sexual activities at any chance they get, often putting their large genitals to work. A shoko fish can be male or female, as well as hermaphroditic, the third option being the most common.

Due to their extremely sexual nature, those rich and perverted enough may seek to keep one as a slave. Sometimes, their fluids are used as an aphrodesiac to genrally successful ends.


  • Shoko Fish are inspired by the enderwoman drawings I did. I liked the colorscheme but didn't want to draw more enderwoman, so I created a new monster to adopt the colorscheme.