The Septic plane is a horrible place made of filth. Huge bodies of urine form the lakes, streams, and oceans, a majority of the landmass is comprised of giant heaps of dung.

Most of the life in this local is insects, however, under the steaming yellow surface of the vast lakes lives a number of amphibians and fish. Plantlife is scarce and valuable.


There are a few notable environments in the septic plane

  • Urine Waterbodies - Large lakes comprised of steaming piss. These lakes are typically full of life, especially deeper down
  • Dungheap Islands - Floating masses of crap. These tend to have some life on them, notably Septic Slurp clans
  • Whitestone masses - Large landmasses made of pure, white stone. These places are vast and monotinous, and easy to get lost in of one travels within them for a long time. The Slurps sometimes mine the stone. Many stories tell of structures and odd life in the middle of these places.
  • Mossgrove - While plantlife is scarce in most places, it can often be seen in clumps, known as mossgroves. Giant trees coated in slogmoss and other plants growing from it. These places are quite valuable for their unique and useful treasures.




  • Rolibugs - Large pillbug like insects.
  • Clenchbugs - Large, dragonfly like insects.
  • ??? - Gigantic, froglike creatures who are at the top of the foodchain.
  • Deep Black - Huge, rediculous looking amphibians who dwell at the bottom of lakes, where they are almost invisible to other creatures.


  • Slogmoss - Moss commonly grown by Septic Slurps to raise their farm animals.
  • Yellow Vase - A vital plant that purifies liquid over time.