Polly Lop

Polly Lop, or Polly for short, appears as small frog with large eyes. He is, however, actually a minor deity with control over a small swamp that is near impossible to navigate. 

Polly secretly follows anyone who enters his swamp, hiding in trees and behind dense vines, eventually making himself known and offering "help." His help usually entails leading his victim to a group of his denizens for his own entertainment. Either that, or he will lure them to a place and eat them himself.

Polly Lop's physical form can perish. Should this happen, a frog egg will appear somewhere in the swamp and will hatch not too long after. He will remain as a tadpole for a few hours, but quickly regrow back into his normal state. If he can, he will take his deceased body and throw it into a mud pit so it may become a special sort of Muddy Bones.

The SwampEdit

The Swamp is Polly's domain. It seems small from the outside, but once inside, it seems impossibly widespread and complex. There are many trees, muddy ponds, and muckholes There are many creatures who inhabit this swamp, many of them victims of the swamps passive transformative magics.


  • The Lost - A small tribe of black skinned people who got lost in the swamp. They live there now, unnaffected by it's magic under the wishes of Polly, solely for his amusement.
  • Swamp Goblin - Creatures slowly transformed by the swamp. They are small, hairy, and filthy.
  • Muddy Bones - Remains of creatures who died. They are small, brown skeletons covered in mud. They hide in small groups in mudpits. There are green, froglike versions made from the Polly Lop's own skeleton.
  • Poyshell - Small, inoffensive turtles with soft shells. They are often used for pleasure due to their fleshy, tubelike insides.
  • Verdezael - Round, leafy plants that hurl sticky goop at their prey. They have grapes that, when eaten, cause similar goop production.
  • Bolani - Parasetic mushrooms that penetrate into other creatures for sustenance


  • Polly Lop's name is just Lolly Pop with the front letters switched. I decided to name him this while eating a green apple lollypop.