Bug Queen

Pix, the Pixbug Queen, enjoying a jellybean

Pix, known as The Bug Queen (dispite the fact that she is only one of many of her race) is the leader of a small group of highly dangerous insects invading the Candy Universe. In fact, the group she leads consists of herself as the leader, and her spawn as her underlings.

Unlike the rest of her brood, she has both psychic powers and the ability to shift between dimensions (which requires quite a bit of effort, it's not something she can do all the time.)

She happened upon the candy universe during one hop and decided it was the perfect place to try to colonize, as it is a rich world full of sugary delicious things which her kind can thrive upon!

As queen, she produces spawn quite regularly! She has control over this, and typically spawns less than one a day on average. She puts them to work doing whatever she needs them to do, and they are all unique due to the large amount of genetic samples she has acquired (back on her home world, she's quite promiscuous, which is very good for her colonizing needs)

Parts of her body are covered in movable plates, used to hide some of her more sensitive parts (such as her frontal vagina and breasts. It's amazing how well she can hide those tits!)

She tends to do as she pleases, and has no fear of the denizens of the candy world, as she and her kind are immune to most candy magic. She is quick to eat, or at least taste, candy people, though she does work out arrangements with them, sparing their lives, if they can serve her in some way. She tends to rather try to destroy something than understand it if it scares her.



Her spawn are her children, though she sees them more as workers and rarely, if ever, acts motherly towards them.

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