Osmo Phage is a small, young looking macroplasmid. While he appears sweet and innocent, he is extremely dangerous, as he carries a huge number of viruses known to have horrifying effects on things he comes in contact with. A common trait of infection is a bloated stomach and bulging green veins, as well as vomiting.

Osmo stands at 3'7". He has floppy, thick, dreadlock-like tentacles for hair. He is very colorful, and partially transluscent. One can see some his organs through his flesh. He is very well endowed, his cock, when fully erect, larger than he is heighwise, reach 4'3" and being quite thick, with a small glans. His testicles are similarly huge. He has a plump, jiggly rump with a fat pucker. The smell of his genitals is immense when unleashed, and is capable of making one feel ill.


  • An Anonymous friend asked me to make a character fitting most of Osmo's description, said Anonymous friend serves as Osmo's parent.