A young lovesap

Lovesap are a race of multi-stage, parasitic creatures. They go through three phases, a young stage, a cocoon stage, and an adult stage.

Young StageEdit

A young Lovesap will appear as a small, blobby creature with one eye on a stalk, four long whiskers with enlarged glands on the tops, a long, rounded mouth, and stumpy arms and legs. They are genderless at this point.

Young loveaps travel in groups, typically of 4, with a standard deviation of 1. Together, they look for a victim who's race is capable of producting milk and/or semen. Once they find a victim, they will tail the victim until a safe opportunity to strike presents itself, often when the victim is asleep. Once this time presents itself, the group of lovesaps will rub their whiskers on the victims nipples/penis. This causes said areas to grow and stimulates fluid production. If there are not enough of these parts to go around for all of the lovesaps, they will also enlarge the anus, though this serves no function for them. Once these parts are large enough, they latch on to the victim and begin to feast upon the fluids they produce.

Once they obtain enough fluids and enlarge to about the size of a beachball, they will find a place to become a cocoon.

Cocoon StageEdit

A Lovesap cocoon is somewhat beehive shaped, and fleshy. It is white, with a single purple stripe in the middle. A lovesap cocoon is larger than a beachball at the start, and becomes larger than a person towards the end. Lovesap stay in this stage for around a week. Removing a lovesap's cocoon while it is inside will kill it.

Adult StageEdit

A Lovesap that immerges from it's cocoon will have reached adulthood. It will have a more humanoid frame, and will be quite large.

They derive a gender from the fluids they intook while young. A large diet of sperm makes one into a male, and milk into a female. A mix of these will create a rather androgenous lovesap.

An adult lovesap maintains many of their younge traits, they keep the whiskers, the single eye, the round mouth.