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Cheese Man


Male (Can vaguely appear female)

Limbur is a cheese man who was created by Zigz. He, however, escaped from Zigz' control and has since made a life for himself.

Limbur is quite the amiable fellow, rather laid back and tough to rustle. He lives in a bustling town outside of Zigz Manor, known as Obijetta. He has a small, comfy home, as he is not much of a fan of fancy things.

Limbur has the ability to morph himself quite easily. In fact, while limbur generally has a general look, many of his details shift from day to day, most noticeably, the shape of his head.

While all of Zigz' creations could technically be stated to be related, he feels he shares a particular bond with his fellow cheesy brother, Pizza Mage.

Cheese WizEdit

As a younger fellow, and sometimes when he shrinks himself due to losing cheese, he dons the guise of the Cheese Wiz! While this is mostly just a silly thing he does, it does give him some abilities. With his orange wizard hat and can of spray cheese, he gains the power of cheesomancy. While this was a common thing for him to play around with as a kid, he does not do this often, as it makes him feel rather ridiculous.


  • Limbur's name is a nod to his powerful scent.