Kapla, the Higgie
Kapla colors
Cute, but Dangerous



Kapla is a relatively young Hydrargyride. He split off from his colony with big dreams! He one day wishes to eat an entire planet on his own, something relatively unheard of amongst his race.

Kapla's favoite activity is to eat, often using his tractor beams to stuff things into his fat butt. His life and goals pretty much revolve around this!

Physical NotesEdit

Kapla is silvery, like the rest of his race. He has glowy orange and yellow spots, and generally has 4 bits that orbit around him.

Kapla sometimes likes to experiment with his form. Being made of ultramaleable fluid metal, he can shift himself to whatever he likes. However, he generally gets his ideas from organisms he encounters.


Kapla is able to create a tractor beam, often from his anal oriface, though he's not limited to that. His orbiting bits produce a stronger beam, and can altogether have an extremely strong, 5-pronged beam to manipulate things.


  • Kapla's name is based on Martin N. Kaplan.