A Kiwi Foobush, or Kiwibush for short

Foobushes are a race of short, fuzzy creature with long legs, short feet, and large extremities. They come in many varieties, often with their pelt colormatching something in the environment.



The most common kind, they have brown fur and bright green insides and nails, with light colored flesh. They enjoy warm climates, and hide up trees. They are often eaten by creatures curious of their taste.

Kiwibush have a strange ritual, where one will find pray and jump on them, doing a jumpy kind of dance on them and marking them with their foot musk, which then alerts other kiwi bush in the area to swarm in on the victim, binding them down and surrounding them in a ring, and covering them with sticky globs of cum, before one of them eats them.


These Foobush look like normal bushes, and are rather common. They use their bushlike appearance when hunting to fool their prey


Aquatic Foobush with webbed feet and yellow, floppy fuzz that covers their eyes often enough


Foobushes with puffy white fuzz and small wings.