Dianba, wearing his mask.

Dianba is a pudgy goat being with vibrant red, furless flesh. They are almost always seen adorned in a darker red, 2 toned mask with eye and nose holes. atop their head are two pars of small, orange horns, just above their long ears. Their eyes are orange with white pupils. The tips of their 5 fingered hands and 5 toed feet end in black, glossy nails.

As a being who's main interests are tempting others, Dianba is a very seductive being. Dianba pretty much lives for sex. Carnal pleasures of any sort are Dianba's specialty. He appreciates and will do most anything with any gender or form of being (he's not a picky person). Whether it be through ages of practice or supernatural intuition, Dianba seems to be able to find what others like and try to get them to take it from him. Dianba doesn't seem to have any motives as to what he does, other than the enjoyment it brings and something to fill the eternity that is his life.

Dianba wears lots of jewelery that gives off a slight white glow, often wearing an large assortment of rings and chains and bands. He also sometimes wear a 1 peice, dark red bikini-like garment, complete with either a golden or black waistband.

This devil shows many faces, personalitywise. They can be sweet, domineering, abusive, motherly, all depending on what they feel the whims of their summoner are. When dealing with beings from his own realm, however, he simply does as he pleases with no regard for the desires of others. It is unknown why there is such a stark contrast in behaviors here.

Dianba is an immortal, and comes from a realm where all the inhabitants are likewise immortal. He himself lives in a particularly large pyramidal dwelling distanced small ways away from a cluster dwelling. When unsummoned, Dianba will automatically return to his house.

If Dianba has ever done anything historically significant in his own realm, it has been forgotten in the shifting sands of infinite time. However, the effects of summoning Dianba have been felt in countless other realities, some having no noticeble effect, some writing unforgettable history, often escapades of power and lust. Dianba keeps track of his future with a small date book, which informs him of future summonings. The book has no last page, and old pages seem to vanish.