Cult of Filth
CoF insignia
The Insignia of the Cult of Filth


Bell'Cha, Giz, Vatanephth, Vasivour

The Cult of Filth is a rather loose, but extensive organization comprised of people who enjoy nothing more than being filthy. This group was founded by Bell'Cha, on a joke suggestion from his friend and co-leader, Giz.


The cult is comprised of a number of sects. Each sect may have some areas it specializes in, but for the most parts, sects are decided on by who leads them, as opposed to specialty.

Bell'Cha's SectEdit

This sect is the largest, as it is made by the sect's leader, Bell'Cha. This sect can be thought of as the general sect, and is usually the sect most new individuals to the cult will join.

Zado's SubsectEdit

A relatively unknown sect run by Bell'cha's assistant, Zado. It is a small group, known to the few who know of it for it's unsanctioned rituals.

Giz's SectEdit

This sect is quite small, but was the second sect created. It is watched over by Giz. This sect seems to specialize in things having to deal with the digestive tract. Traits such as loyalty and respect are very important in the sect due to Giz's personal beliefs.

Vatanephth's SectEdit

This sect is also rather small, and third created. It is managed by Vatanephth. This sect strongly reflects Vatanepth's interest in plantlife. This sect is quite relaxed, possibly due to some of the plant-life, but also because Vat is quite the relaxed individual.

Vasivour's SectEdit

A rouge sect formed by Vasivour. This sect is comprised of many aquatic creature. Vasi created this sect out of the desire to expand the cult and spread it's filth as far as possible.

The Filth GodEdit


A rather plain Detrimid.

A nameless deity is the patron of the cult, a being who enjoys filth a corruption and has the power to bless others with attributes of his liking. He does this through his charges, known as Detrimids. These wormlike demons are thought to be made in the image of the filthgod himself, and bestow the god's essenses into worthy members of the cult.

Special ThanksEdit

The idea for this cult came from me having a conversation with Damarus, talking about adventuring and stuff He mentioned a basement, I mentioned cultist… then it hit me! I had the idea before I realized it! I thank Damarus quite a bit! Without him, this would not have happened!

Relee's interest in the Cult helped me flesh out some good details! I thank you for your persistent interest!