File:Clenchbug sketch.png

Clenchbugs are another insect species from the septic world. They are named as such as they tend to grab on to things with their large, clawed feet and hold on, constantly stuffing whatever they have grabbed full of shit until it can't take anymore.

Clenchbug's generally fly over the septic world's large, urine lakes, as it keeps them safer than being on the land. They are hunted by most of the amphibious lifeforms. Because of this, Clenchbugs tend to nest on the lake's smaller floating dungheap islands, as their large amphibous predators cannot easily get on them.


Clenchbugs have a strange mating ritual. They are all hermphroditic, and can actively decide to go into heat by holding the contents of their bowels in. This activates their pressure based mating organs, which begin to ooze semen from out of their puckers. They find another similar clenchbug and go into something of an amplexus, kissing puckers to one another for a good while, spurting semen and gaping their puckers so they can both get some into their system.

Mating can fail, however. If one cannot hold it in during the mating ritual, it can stuff their partner beyond full (not the most enjoyable experience), and flush out any sperm they received during mating.