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Clay Slaves are automatons made of clay, create for the purpose of servitude. The creation process involves a fair bit of magic, all stored within a clay slaves collar.

Parts of a Clay SlaveEdit

  • Clay - this should be obvious enough. Clay Slaves are made of clay, and the grade of clay determines their version.
  • Collar - the colar is what gives a clay slave it's life force. It is like a phylactery, the owner puts a contract into it's opening, and the clay slave will listen to the owner. If the collar is removed, the clay slave will stop working until it is replaced.
  • Volition Bulb - These lightbulb structures are like batteries. A clayslave will have at least two, so they do not have to stop working of one needs to be replaced
  • Rubber Suit - Not a requirement, but clay slaves typically wear bright red suits made of stretchy rubber.


Mark IEdit

A Clay Slave MK1 is large and heavy. They are made of standard gray clay. They do not possess emotions or have the capability to think beyond their orders, and they cannot make decisions for themselves. They are comparatively cheap and very easy to make.

Mark IIEdit

A MKII clay slave is smaller than a mark one. These are made of special "living clay," and display emotions and the ability to think. However, they are still 100% subservient to their masters. This version of Clay Slave displays a high range of mobility, and are able to easily contort themselves into most any position, something they make great use of and are quite proud of. This model is a bit more expensive and harder to make, the materials aren't too rare, however.

Mark IIIEdit

A MKIII clay slave is rare and expensive. They are made from White Mud from the Garuba Parallel. Like the MKII, they display thoughts and emotion. They are not 100% subservient, though still quite loyal, but typically have a limit as far as what they will do if it involves them getting hurt. They retain a MKII's flexibility, with the added abilities of being able to manipulate their mass and use limited magic abilities.