Chromatimonks are large, stubby rodents. Adults reach the size of a human torso. They have a large bottom half, including large, slightly curved feet, leading up to a more slender, tapering upper portion. They have small heads situated atop somewhat long necks.

Chromatimonks come in a number of colors, each color being a different subspecies. Each subspecies has unique traits. Chromatimonks are known for the sheer volume at which they defecate, and each subspecies is quite different in their bathroom habits.

  • Violet Chromatimonks are very pungeant smelling in everything they do, often attracting lots of attention.
  • Blue Chromatimonks take long, snaking dumps. These also happen to be the most common sort of chromatimonk.
  • Green Chromatimonks are similar to Blues, but with the addition of huge bouts of gas.
  • Yellow Chromatimonks are also similar to Blues, with the addition of particularly strong smelling urine in massive quantities.
  • Orange Chromatimonks fecal matter compacts into large spheres. When this sphere is ejected, they secrete extra amounts of intestinal lubing to help pass it. These can sometimes launch out almost like a cannon.
  • Brown Chromatimonks are similar to blue, but with much wider dumps. This can be quite uncomfortable for them, and sometimes leads them to having grumpy personalities.
  • Red Chromatimonks feces ussually comes out more as a fluid with a rather high heat.
  • White chromatimonks have white feces.
  • Black chromatimonks are rare and understudied, it is not know what they are like.

Some chromatimonks appear as gray to normal eyes, however, these chromies may be special chromatimonks.

  • Ultraviolet - Hard turds, very powerful smelling.
  • Infrared - Wet glop, very powerful smelling.

Chromatimonks fuel all these behaviors with a diet of berries, fruits, nuts, and bugs. Like a chipmonk, they have cheek pouches to store food for later.

Chromatimonks live close to civilized locations, which can be a problem. While outwardly cute, most people find them to be repulsive creatures. They can make decent, somewhat intelligent pets to someone who doesn't mind a large mess.

Chromatimonks get along with other forest animals. They tend not to be hunted due to a few rather groteque natural defenses. Of all the species they get along with, they get along particularly well with Plaskoys.

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