File:Censer demon.png
Censer Demons are a race of demon mostly known for their off genitals, which release a thick, extremely musky white smoke at all times. This smoke is released from the glans, and is typically filtered out though their thick, pale foreskin, which itself is covered in sensitive stubs.

Censer demons typically stand within the range of four to five feet as adults, with slender to chubby frame. A male's penis can reach up to two and a half feet long, and is two feet long typically. Males a born with 2 testicles, but it's common to see them with more, all within the same scrotum. The method by which this happens is not thoroughly understood, but it is thought that victims of malevolent censer demons are turned into extra testicles.

Censer demons tend to wear no clothing. However, they do wear armor when needed, thin, brassy plates overlapping one another, with large cauldron shaped pendants which house their cocktip, as well as plenty of protective plating over their organ. Their fancy long poles as weaponry.

They may have some ties with the Cult of Filth.