An old design for Catabeat, Likely to change soon.

Catabeat is one of Pix's earlier children, and one of the ones she favors the most. Catabeat is known for his feline appearance and personality

Catabeat is a capable combatant, being agile, strong, and having many sharp bits to aid in his fights. However, on his own, he is not violent. Outside of his mother's orders, he's happy to exist peacefully with candy people, though he does get the strong urge to nibble on them, which makes them uneasy around him.

Catabeat was born with and carries around a large, dark, slugshaped insect on his back, which also has some catlike traits. He uses this in fights he feels he can't win on his own, the attachment able to act on it's own.

Catabeat is friendly to his brothers, but can become annoying to them easily. The fact that their mother favors Catabeat over his siblings sometimes inspires jealousy, the best example would be with Sliss, who wishes his mother acted so nicely to him as she did with Catabeat. Both parties are unaware, however, that Pix sees catabeat more as a pet than as her child.

At some point, catabeat studies under a hidden master of fighting, learning how to use the candy world's magics to an extend, giving him the abilities to control mint, cinnamon, and sourness to an extend (heat, cold, and electricity, respectively).