Boon is an ancient ol' fellow, a couple to a few thousand years old. He comes from a long dispersed magical civilization (the same civilization that made Tower Guardians and the same civilization that Kuvi is from), and is the last living remnant of it.

Boon is a fortunemaster, meaning that his luck in life has always been good, and has had an unnaturally long lifespan, as well as a lexicomancer, a type of magic that uses special tuning fork staves and words that many would deem far too complex to utter, much less memorize, to produce various effects. It's a very flexible magic system, but one that has fallen out of use. If Boon isn't the last to use this magic, then he would certainly be the best. Due to his studies in this magic form, Boon has a large vocabulary, and tends to use both large and antiquated terms and phrases.

Boon tends to have a very happy, sunny attitude, and enjoys entertaining others, often with silly antics. He even seems to walk funny on purpose, acting like his legs are tied together, making him waddle-walk or hop about.

Physically, boon is somewhat slender and short, being about 4 feet tall. He can change his physique to a point with his magic, often doing so for the enjoyment of others (and rarely just to show off)

Boon's favorite animals are small monkeys, due to similarities in appearance he shares with them. Boon may or may not be a monkey himself.