Bell'Cha and Zado

Bell'cha as seen with his right-hand man, Zado

Bell'Cha, a Ramsey originally named Belsid Chail, is a fat, gassy, smelly and disgusting individual, and the leader and founder of the Cult of Filth. Bell'Cha is rather tall, a bit over 6 feet. He is very easy to pick out from other monsters of his species, due to his unique hair curls and the glasses he wears.

The Cult of FilthEdit

Bell'Cha Jokingly started a "cult" because he didn't like the Idea of conforming to society's need for him to fit in by being clean. He told some of his friends about this. Being that his friends were rather like-minded in this, they took him seriously. After a while, there were a few people in the cult, Including Bell's Relatively good friend Giz.

At current, Bell'cha remains the head of the cult, often interacting with the people who follow him in a very friendly, relaxed manner.

Bell'chas SectEdit

Bell'Cha's sect is rather large, containing more than half of the cult. This is understandable, as he is the leader. This sect enjoys vore and scat based activities in general. Transformational rituals are huge in this sect.

Ordered RanksEdit

  • Initiate - Any person new to the cult
  • Higher Initiate - A person who has done some work with the cult. They tend to be larger than the average person.
  • Entered - A cultist who has undergone the Detrimid Bonding Ritual. They gain access to many filth magics. They tend to be quite wide, framewise.
  • Higher Entered - Entered who have fully bonded with their Detrimid. They gain more magical abilities and the power to float.
  • Returned - Entered who havs survived the insides of a Revered. Their shape is altered and control very powerful filth magics, and have gained the favor of the Filth God.

Special RanksEdit

  • Revered - Bloated cultists who have little to no mind. Their insides are a labyrinth filled with filth and danger. They are used for resources and testing grounds.
  • Filth Nun - Educators and Mother Figures in the cult.
  • Ritual Leaders - Leaders of local sections of the sect.
  • Archritualist - They report directly to Bell'cha.

Transformative AbilitiesEdit

Ball'cha is able to turn into a great many things, and seems to add more to his repetiore daily.

  • Tailend Beast: Bell'cha becomes a lionlike monster with a giant asshole with 4 tentacles circling it. This form is quite fast.
  • Analpillar: This form is large and wormlike, comprised of glutial segments with a massive, slimey anus between each.