Gassy Spirit



Aubus is a large gassy ghost. Standing upright, he is 8 feet tall, but often chooses to float instead. he is colored pea-green and is transparent and glowing, and has 2 large, rounded yellow eyes. His body is lined in trim that looks like ripped cloth. His most obvious feature is a big, round belly that wobbles and bounces and is full of the thickest, stinkiest gasses imaginable. His figure otherwise is slightly voluptuous, with strong arms and legs, big hands and large feet and a large tail that acts like a fan. His body emits a thick, ripe, but warm and cozy musk.

Aubus absolutely loves farting. He is capable of making some of the loudest, longest, and smelliest farts one could imagine, so hot and muggy they can fog up everything around him for a few miles. He tends to tone himself down though, as he has more fun annoying and grossing people out then killing people with stench-shock (though he does enjoy that sometimes too).

While Aubus's theme revolves around gas, he's also very capable of shitting out turds the size of a mountains that steam and fog the air. Just one full belly could enable him to do this. However, it's very risky, as he might just destroy a place where there are plenty of people to harass.

When he was alive, he was a cheeseman just like Limbur. If asked, he will say he died in an erotic autoasphixiation accident.