She's normally not this happy looking.

Aplysa is a filth nun, and a strange, kinda mean one at that. She’s known for being easy to upset, and her reaction to being upset is devouring people, and showcasing her victims off in her transparent belly as they digest.

Aplysa has 2 forms, a smaller form, where she is human-sized and has limbs. She’s in this form most of the time. Her other form is quite large, and she has no limbs. She controls barnacle-like creatures to capture victims and shovel them between her gigantic lips. The design on her large form isn’t final.Aplysa is also known for her earth-rattling belches. Don’t get caught in the blast, you’ll be blown away! And you’ll prolly smell like slugbreath too, which I can’t imagine is pleasant.

While not based on any kind of slug in particular, I’ve associated her with sea hares, they are known for being large, their kinda rabbitlike protrusions (whch I guess her horns do the job of, though them horns ain’t like no rabbit i’ve ever seen!), and because I imagine her being a little aquatic. She’s mostly on dry land, though. female cult of filth character