Apico clipart

Apico is a Goo Sprite from Goo Clutch, a large, growing jungle-swamp made of gooey life forms.

Apico himself is short and wide, with tan skin, and green, gooey hair. His most prominent feature is a huge nose, with big nostrils, that he gets plenty of use out of. His bulbous rump is adorned with tribal paint marks, and he is always seen wearing lime green band jewelery. When using some of his slime sprite abilities, he might appear as a large, round green creature with long arms and stubby legs.

Apico is extremely amiable, and always willing to try to make friends with new people. Being an outsider to society might make him seem a bit strange acting to others, as he has very little sense of personal space, so one could expect to feel his nose poking at them rather often. Apico is quite promiscious, and views sexual interactions as a casual, friendly thing that can be enjoyed any time. His sexual anatomy is very exagerated, his penis, when slipped out from his sticky, gooey bush, becomes taller than he is, often ending up 5 feet long, and quite floppy. Apico enjoys butt play, and having his flower-shaped anus kissed, licked, sniffed, and worshipped (it's quite possible for him to have an orgasm just from this)


As a goo sprite, apico has the ability to control lesser goo creatures with ease, and often does so for his own personal enjoyment. He can also amass or conjure goo, and often uses it to create a gooey body for self defense when a greater goo creature or outsider threatens him.